Skills Programme Co-ordinator

1. To co-ordinate the activity levels of Assessors and provide reports to management on a
regular basis.
2. To complete work-based assessment for independent candidates, employers SVQ
programmes and candidates funded through SDS National Programmes contracts.
3. To be responsible for monitoring student recruitment and registration against targets and
proactively ensuring activity targets are met for all line managed Assessors.
4. To be responsible for the line management of a multi-disciplinary Assessor team and to
carry out annual Professional Development Planning.
5. To be responsible for drawing up continuation programmes.
6. To be responsible for delivering against own revenue targets as well as impacting on
customer satisfaction.
7. To ensure effective planning of the student assessment and standardisation processes.
8. To facilitate review/progress meetings with other assessors.
9. To be responsible for processing reviews required by sponsoring agents.
10. To ensure completion of appropriate CMIS documentation.
11. To liaise with line manager for operational review.