Chamber Tax

There are now four essential services available to Chamber members that will help to protect their business and reputation.


This service offers advice on any tax related issue including benefits in kind, corporation tax, capital gains, advice on any VAT matter including registration, exemptions, VAT on land and property – all of which helps to ensure that you are compliant and will help you deal with any HMRC enquiries.

All of these four services are underpinned by:

  • one advice line which gives you unlimited access to experienced tax and VAT advisors - available during office hours

          Call 01455 852037

  • Insurance which provides cover to deal with a full HMRC enquiry, aspect enquiries, PAYE disputes and VAT disputes.

The Chamber is working in partnership with Quest to provide these essential services to our members.

Find out more in our Four Services Handbook and read more about What's in it For You.