Social Enterprise

Continuing on from the success of previous West Dunbartonshire Social Enterprise Challenge Funds, West Dunbartonshire Council is launching a new Social Enterprise Challenge Fund 2021/22.

Social Enterprise Application Guildlines 

This new fund will assist with the Council’s commitment to increasing both the quality and quantity of social enterprises in our area.

This year, the Challenge Fund will provide one off competitive awards of up to £5,000 to help social enterprises grow and diversify within West Dunbartonshire. 

Social Enterprise Challenge Funds

In delivering the Scottish Government’s range of Social Entrepreneurs Funds, Firstport supports start-up and existing social enterprises that benefit people, communities and the environment.

Firstport is working in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council and Working4Business partner organisations to help promote the Challenge Fund and raise awareness of the additional support and resources available to help enterprises that are likely to generate and sustain employment opportunities in West Dunbartonshire.